All the robots featuring this symbol have utilised, salvaged. recycled or upcycled parts.


"Sedgewick" Made by a London artist, from recycled scrap metal 2.3 m high
"Mike Dyson" Made from Dyson vacuum cleaners. By Swannell. 3m High
"Clanker" The broken war medic robot. Made from recycled scrap metal. The body is an old cement mixer. By Swannell. 2.3m high
"SERGIO SG66" Made from assorted recycled metal and plastics. Animatronic. By Kent artist. 2.05m high
"ED 200" Made from scrap metal, based on robocop style robot. By Swannell. 3m high
"Iron Man" Custom made only one of it's kind made from steel. 2.3m high
"TAGAN" Made from salvaged metal and scrap metal and plastics.2.7m high
"Iron Giant" Made by an artist specialising in cardboard. 3m high
"TERMINATOR" Made from scrap metal and salvaged metal. 2.4m high
"Yslabelle" Made from 800 YSL beauty product boxes and product vessels. By Swannell. 2m high
"Optimus Prime" Made from 100s of car , motorbike and other metal parts. Chinese origin. 2.4m high
"Saturn Robot" Giant replica of and old classic toy. Formerly a toy store exhibit. Made from wood. 2.3m high
"Mandalorian" Made from recycled car, motorbike and scrap metal parts. By Newcastle artist. 2.05m high
"OPTIMUS PRIME" Made from salvaged metal and scrap parts 2.4m high
"A55A51N" Made from recycled plastics, by an artist in Birmingham. 1.8m high
"Metal Kenny" 2.2m high, made from salvaged metal parts, by an artist in Leicester.
GIANT SENTRY BOTS. 2.3m high, we have a pair of these created from car exhaust tube and hydraulic hoses by a Birmingham artist. Can hold flags.
"Battle Droid" 2m high made from cardboard.
"Robby the robot" Fibreglass replica of the Japanese toy version by an artist in Liverpool. 1.6m high
"Oakley" Wooden robot. Former shop display. 1.4m high.
"V.I.N.CENT" Replica from the movie "The black hole" Made from fibreglass by an artist in Bournouth. 1m high
Giant Wooden robot. 2.3m high. Ex display robot from "River Island" Store
"ADAM 1972" Made from recycled plastics. By Birmingham artist. 1.5m high
"Audibot" Made from recycled metal and plastics and parts of an old childs ride on car. By Swannell. 1.6m high
"Jandowan" Made from recycled plastics. By Birmingham artist. 1.7m high
"Muse 01" Made from recycled plastics. By Nottingham artist. 1.6m high
Terminator T800 2m high made from recycled materials. By Newcastle artist.
Dalek Sec. Life size scale replica. By a Devon artist.
"Google Player" Formerly on display at London office 1.5m high
"Salavador" Made from repurposed plastics and metal. 1.4m high
"C2-B5" Static Replica from "Star wars, Rogue one" Made from fibreglass. By Swannell. 1m high.
"Kevin" 40cm high, made from recycled old toys.
"Timmy Toaster" 90cm high, made from recycled and re-purposed parts. By Swannell.
"Blade" Made from High performance car parts. 1.1m high. By a Leeds artist.


The robots below are teleoperated or programmed. Most have been used at various times for entertainment at events and at Robotazia venue in Milton Keynes. They require a trained staff member to use, but are much loved by guests and make for a memorable unique experience.

"Renzo" 1.3m high, made from re-purposed parts. Teleoperated fully mobile with voice. By Swannell.
"ERIC" 2.0 m high made from recycled parts. Teleoperated animatronic. Plays guitar and sings. Fully mobile. Programmable voice. By Swannell.
"Sparky" the robot. 1.2m high. Fully teleoperated and mobile with cute programmable voice. By Swannell.
Robot "Will" 1.6m waiter. We have two of these that can be teleoperated. Programmable voice.
"Robot X-10" 2.1m high. Made from recycled plastics, timber,, card. Teleoperated, Remote voice PA system. fully mobile. By Swannell.
"Matilda" original house robot from BBC Robot Wars series. Teleoperated.
"Amy" robot waitress 1.5m high. We have 2 of these one can be teleoperated and one can be programmed. Programmable voice.

Below are some giant 3d Letters. To the left are made from repurposed polystyrene, coated and silver distressed. To the right are made from scrap metal parts. Range in height from 35 - 60cm and 15cm deep

Giant sign approx 6m long, made from assorted giant letters made from recycled polystyrene
Robot sign 2.4m long made from scrap metal parts